About us

YUMery is the sweet and savory result of an ‘aha’ moment: ‘What if there was a website that allowed home food-makers and small-batch professional makers to share their yum, all across the United States? Like a virtual market for food-based entrepreneurs, side-hustlers, and weekend kitchen warriors.

Taking it a few steps further, we’ve created the opportunity not just to share food, but also to engage each other in conversation; to share knowledge and experience; and to support one another in our foodie endeavours.

There are so many ways to be part of YUMery. You can simply purchase and enjoy delectable home-made and small-batch goodies. You can become a member and share your Grammy’s butter biscuits, your famous almond-flour chocolate chip cookies, and/or your wicked hot sauce. And you can follow us through our blog and social media for recipes, insights, food-trepreneur support, great culinary community, and more.

YUMery aims to make a big world smaller, by introducing you to your neighbors near and far, through the food we all make and share—with joy.

Share the YUM!
YUMery’s founder, Bonnie B, is an entrepreneur with a trail of successes. This new endeavour links her passion for healthy baking with her faith in independence and her love of community—and makes her very, very happy. Visit Bonnie’s own kitchen on YUMery at Sweet B.


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