Brad Pazant makes healthy, natural pet foods and snacks


Bradford Pazant, founder and owner of Atticus’ Own Pet Foods, has to constantly tell himself to slow down: “I am always dreaming of and thinking of new treats and flavor … Continue Reading →


Sometimes you just can’t resist the need to share. That’s what happened to Bonnie Berkowitz, the person behind Sweet B. Bonnie also happens to be the person behind YUMery, as … Continue Reading →

YUMery's adorable canine mascot, Parker the Bichon Frise


Treasured pets are not foreign to us at YUMery, nosiree. There’s Parker, and Soda, and Cecil, and Jackpot, and Monkfish and MeowMeow… the list goes on, longer than a hand-crafted, … Continue Reading →

baking, health

Doctor’s orders: Get baking!

Interestingly—probably because everyone loves baking and baked goods, including PhDs—there have been many scientific studies done gauging the health benefits of the actual act of baking. Happily, the results are … Continue Reading →

shipping cookies

Share a little sugar! How to package and ship cookies.

If you’re new to this exciting shipping and sharing thing, we’re happy to help you with a few simple tips on how to ensure your Consumer gets your perfect treats, … Continue Reading →

Come and get—or sell—your YUM!

Let’s start with the hungry, the snackish, the curious, the generous. You: the YUMery consumer. Like, literally, you’re going to consume the YUMmy things you buy on Or you’re … Continue Reading →

Happy New Year! Happy new YUM!

Well, we did it: We made the calendar year change. Ta da: It’s 2018! Okay, we didn’t really have much to do with the new year, but we have everything … Continue Reading →

Goodbye frustration, hello YUM!

by Bonnie Berkowitz, YUMery founder So it happened again: I was on hold with tech support for a very, very long time today. I decided the best way to ease … Continue Reading →

Dating the Makers

As we build the website and get ready to invite makers into it, I can’t shake the feeling that we’re courting, or old-fashioned dating. We’re making the site as irresistible … Continue Reading →

Logo Love

Ah, the life of an entrepreneur: make your own hours, work when you feel like it, decide your own course, total freedom…. Not! If you’re an entrepreneur/solopreneur you know all … Continue Reading →