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Join this passionate community of independent, small-batch food makers, simply by completing the application form [link]. Enjoy our unique features, such as local pick-up and delivery, professional SEO and marketing, and a large number of enthusiastic customers! We can’t wait to showcase your wonderful creations!

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Easily set up your online kitchen and fill it with delicious delectables for sale. All you have to do is fill in the simple application form, and our delightful Selection Committee will get back to you within 48 hours. Once you’ve been accepted, just go online and build your beautiful, temptalicious kitchen [link]—then open your online doors!


  • no monthly fees
  • $0.20 per listing (renewed quarterly)
  • 3.5% commission fee (per sale)
  • 3% transaction fee
  • secure transactions with our secure SSL-encrypted payments platform
  • automatic deposits using PayPal


how are goods shipped?
Goods are shipped directly from maker to consumer using USPS, FedEX, and local pick-up and delivery.

who is responsible for shipping?
Makers are wholly responsible for shipping, including pricing.

what is the shipping process?
Customers receive an email confirmation when their order has been shipped. It is then up to the customer to track the order’s progress.

what if I don’t receive my shipment?
This is to be handled between the customer and the Maker.

In the event of an unresolved dispute, YUMery will intervene.

how do I ship an order as a gift?
Please contact the Maker directly via their ‘chat’ and work out the details.

how do I know my information is secure?

We are committed to making your experience as safe and secure as possible, and have installed and instituted the most current procedures to do so. Here’s our Privacy Policy.

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